Pjn Joshua

Joshua P Njovu, a Pastor and Music Minister whose music interests developed
as early as his primary school days.
He was once the Music Leader and Kitwe District Musical coordinator for
Scripture Union.
He took music more serious and recorded his first song in 2009 before he
went to Bible School In 2010 where he was also a worship  leader until he
graduated.He’s worked and shared stages with the likes of Kings, DMK,
Ruben, Ephraim, Mike kalambai, Abel Chungu and more on various platforms
including the Chapro Africa Unite event.
He’s done over 56 Songs and is still going…
His powerful, commanding and emotional voice obviously gets listeners
glued to his music and on the other hand makes even the most bored dance
and groove to his mesmerising rhumba tunes .
He’s known for songs like MARVELOUS  and EXACTLY (which are now becoming
public domains in most churches). The industry and church is certain
assured of more great works to come from this golden voiced humble man of
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Facebook page: Pjn Joshua
YouTube: Pjn Joshua
Recorded my 1st album called Ebenezer at Gi and cee Studios when Kings
mumbi introduced me to producer Kelvin Mweene– then in 2013 produced a Vcd
album feat Christine(Malembe malembe) Richard,Wilson,Nevers
In 2013 the DMK guys of Copperbelt introduced me to producer Artson mumba
a who in 2014 @ X-bluster produced an album called Elevation it was good
and sold out many copies**
With the help of great copperbelt artists who helped with backing vocals
like bro Suna,sis Tholiwe* mum Joyce,Gladys N chipoya,bro
Here we present you The Latest on the market a DVD Called ELEVATION Album
Feat Zamar,Nevers,Costa M Chama ,Ramon,Martin, Papa Clement A bmark touch
films and Kmp production
It’s an important Album because it has the most watched Videos of Pjn
Joshua which shows on Znbc TV stations,Muvi,Camnet etc songs like Mavelousy
God,(Aneba yehova prayer for Zambia) Exactly,Nalaimba etc and
the most
played songs on all Radio stations get a copy now in all Mwasuwila book
shops,Nicho shine investments,sounds stores,kamwala,city market,Radio
Christian voice and all gospel Cd out lates
Ok the touch of Songs it has a different vibe which is rich and touches the
hearts of the people,the are danceable and they can’t wait to hear the live
music instruments played in there,this DVD will excite,bless and help those
heart broken because it has videos talking about real life issues affecting
Zambia songs like Pela winaka,Music,Aneba yehova,Mwaliibela
The Elevation DVD Video Album has 9Videos which are in Kaonde ,
English,Nyanja and Bemba



Click to download —>> Marvelous ee mp3 - Pjn Joshua (5892 downloads)