Valerie is one of the most promising up coming Minster of gospel music,she discovered her passion and love for music at tender age of 5.She recalls singing in a school choir at Nchanga Trust School though she mostly enjoyed dancing while her friends did the singing.In 2011,when she entered college to pursuit a diploma in Biomedical sciences while attending UCZ st Andrews in Ndola her passion for music intensified and desired to join the praise team called Timbrels of Praise(TOP) and later Showers of Praise(Kabundi kapisha UCZ Chingola).She’s not only a singer but also song writer and gifted composer. All her songs are inspired by the Holy Spirit which are also a testimony of the faithfulness of God, who grants the desires of His true worshipers,especially that every time she sang she suffered unexplained allergies which made doctors advise her to stop singing, but believed God’s report for her gift of singing. In 2015 she embarked on a project called”Changed my Name” which she is currently working on with Klem string entertainment and drums entertainment.


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