img-20161117-wa003Name: Kennedy Kaanje Kambole AKA Kein

Date of Birth: 14.10.85

School: Kabanga Mission School

CAREER: Journalist

Occupation: station manager @zongwe FM radio

Fifth born in a family of six

My names as indicated above are Kennedy Kaanje Kambole aka Kein a gospel artist based in sinazongwe of southern province in Zambia.

I started my music career way back in 2010 singing in a small praise team in sinazongwe. I have been working with different churches in sinazongwe and world vision under a program called Christian commitment, as i was appointed to lead and chair the inter-domination praise team. It was through this interaction that the desire to work on a single track titled TULAKUPA-BULEMU developed. After working on my single, I was quiet again for same time trying to source for support to record an album, well this did not work out.

Having faced quite a number of challenges in 2010, I then worked at a child recreation center under SAVE the children Norway in sinazongwe. It was at this time that I saw the light of my

music career. When the project came to an end in 2012, I moved to Lusaka to record my first album tilted LESA NI LESA, which had songs such as NDALIBONA JAANZA LYA MWAMI {I HAVE SEEN THE HAND OF THE LORD}, ANANIDOBA SINJOONJOO STYLE. this did not sell well too because I did not have promoters and sponsors. In the year 2013,I decided to go back to the studio and recorded about five songs. I was then invited to go minister in mkushi.on my way to mkushi, just after monze, we were involved in a road accident. Well we did not have major injuries despite one lady who was  badly hurt. during that incident, I was the last one to moved out of the car because I was stuck inside. As people were struggling to open the door and find ways of  moving me out of the car, I watched myself stack  and dead. That very moment, I saw angels coming towards me telling me to go back because my work was not yet done. Immediately i woke up so scared of  what I saw and begun to shout for help then someone  said “he is still alive” eventually, I was pulled out of the car.

They wanted to take to Monze hospital, but I said I was fine and that I was on a mission which I needed to fulfill. So we proceeded to Lusaka via mkushi, on the way the vision continued, I was still so scared,having  seen people crying for help saying unto me “save us save us” it was at this time the song MUMUYA KULI-CIINDABONA NDAYOWA JESU KOPANDULALA {IN THE SPIRIT I HAVE SEEN JESUS HELP ME UNDERSTAND} was birthed.

When I came back from mkushi,  I went straight to record the song and made it the title track of the album .By the grace of the lord this album sold and made me reach even places I never thought I would reach in life. To God be the glory forever and ever Amen

I am currently working with sinazongwe community radio station and also works with the youth organization to fight early marriages, promote Gender equity, survival skills for young people.

Coming from the background that I used to smoke marijuana and sniff petrol it’s an experience I would not want my young brothers and sisters to go through that path because It is by the grace of the lord that I was saved and still alive till now. Some of my friends are no more. Street fighting was another thing that had tied my soul to, when fighting I used to find joy and satisfaction only when the person am fighting with bleeds. All this hate comes about because of our broken home. Mum and dad divorced when I was a little boy. I have grown up been kept. I have never experienced parental love. Life was hard; I had to do what I had to do to protect myself. Even when I did that, when ever I reach home I would be scorned. life was not easy but never the less I give thanks to the almighty God because maybe I would have not been a person   I am today .I might have been hungry, feeling un loved, having no one to run to for mum or dad, yet Jesus had it all well planned for my life for He knows the end of something even before it begins. Your life my life is like a DVD Jesus is the producer who knows every single step of your life even when are asleep. God bless you.


Click to download —-> Mumuya kuli ciindabona mp3 - Kein (767 downloads)

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