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Born on the 23rd of October, Vincent Lungu also known as Ama Vin Vin is an Eastern guy, born last in a peaceful Christian family… he was born in the northern part of Zambia Solwezi in 1993, however grew up in Lusaka. In 2001 started primary and later left for Chikankata Mission School in the southern province where he did his secondary and completed his grade 12.
Ama Vin Vin has had the heart and ear for music since high school, attended a music class and gained himself some basic music knowledge at a basic school level. He got saved as a believer in 2008. And Joined Church praise team(s), scripture unions, and other Christian related fellowships. And he has ever since congregated with Pentecostal Assemblies of God.
The need to be a recording artist unveiled when he completed high school in 2012, as he started listening to hip hop gospel artists from where he drew his inspiration, he has been inspired by local artists like Pompi, Magg44, Tio, Er, Mikrophone 7, Alfred Freezy and Nomio Church Guy. And international artists like, Lecrae, Da’ Truth, Triplee, Flame, KB and Andy Meneo.
As a gospel artist in 2014, Ama Vin Vin recorded his first song called “Njeleleni”, and later did “Mumtima” then in 2015 did “Everyday”. After the three songs, he went quiet musically, as though he had quit. However it happened that, he was just reflecting on his life as Christian, school, and “hip hop” as Gospel genre.
Currently, the rapper has decided to resurface with new tunes, style and zeal for the ministry, and to everyone he is presenting a new official 2017 single on which he featured Zambian gospel artist Prychi and he titled the song “Goodness Around Me”. Where he talks about how loving God has been, and all the blessing around, in the Song he acknowledges Jesus (God) being behind all his successes, with his popular saying “It’s All About Jesus”.
He promises more great songs and music videos coming ahead as he, with the help of the Holy Ghost; making the gospel of Jesus Christ even more famous.
Email: amavinvin2017@gmail.com
Phone number: +260972900918


Ama Vin Vin - Goodness Around Me Artwork

Click to download —> Ama Vin Vin - Goodness Around Me Ft Prychi [Prod.By Reverb] (199 downloads)

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Christianity--The best life ever; the life in which you find remission of sin, the life in which your place of luck, sickness and sorrow has been taken up by another and dealt with it in Himself, a life where victory in all things is a guarantee. If it be that Christ is risen from the dead which He did, then is the devil also defeated, then is death also defeated, then is the law also defeated, then is sin also destroyed. If it be that Christ is risen from the dead of which He did, then we have eternal life, then we have a new life, then are we God's children, then are we accepted in the beloved, then are we the light of the world. If Christ be risen from the dead, then have we all the benefits of being children of God. Christianity is of no doubt the best life ever. 1Cor 15v20 #KDBRevealingChrist