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Egift Mugala biography

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Gift Mugala popularly known as Egift Mugala, Zambian by nationality was born in Lusaka on 29 January 1986, started secondary school at Mahati Magandi Basic School in 1992, and 2004 he completed his grade 12 Secondary School Education at Kabulonga boys high school of Lusaka. He is the last born in the family . Egift Mugala started singing in 2008 in circular music and he featured the Zambian commedians BIKILON and DIFIKOTI in one of the circular song titled OSATI PA PANGILA WALEKA the song was recorded at crystal sounds studio in Lusaka, he later encountered God and gave his life to Jesus Christ. And diverted from circular to Gospel music.
He is a praise singer in church.After years of singing in church, he developed an interest in recording his inspirational songs from God. Apart from Singing, he is an electrical engineer by profession. He did his craft in power electrical at Lusaka business and technical college in 2008 and Electrical Engineering at Industrial Training College of Lusaka in 2006.
In 2009 the burden in singing for God further grew so big.He was convinced that God mandated him to preach the gospel through music to the lost souls and bring them back to Christ. 
Egift Mugala likes, singing, email writing and spends most of his time apart from daily work of his time writing books.


Commando – Egift Mugala

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