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“No matter how much one hides behind their deeds, the eyes of the lord are everywhere and he is keeping watch over everyone’s actions,” that is the message upcoming gospel artist, Castall Mukosha hopes to spread through his ministry. Just as Proverbs 15:3 states, “Nangu Ubelame,” the title track of Mukosha’s musical project is inspired by the verse and his own life.

Castall cites his own life experiences prior to accepting Jesus Christ as the main inspiration behind the song. It is based on his personal convictions and the life of hypocrisy he felt he led before coming to the saving knowledge of Christ and he hopes that fellow youths receiving the message can be equally encouraged to turn away from bad vices and live an honest life.

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Christianity--The best life ever; the life in which you find remission of sin, the life in which your place of luck, sickness and sorrow has been taken up by another and dealt with it in Himself, a life where victory in all things is a guarantee. If it be that Christ is risen from the dead which He did, then is the devil also defeated, then is death also defeated, then is the law also defeated, then is sin also destroyed. If it be that Christ is risen from the dead of which He did, then we have eternal life, then we have a new life, then are we God's children, then are we accepted in the beloved, then are we the light of the world. If Christ be risen from the dead, then have we all the benefits of being children of God. Christianity is of no doubt the best life ever. 1Cor 15v20 #KDBRevealingChrist

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