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John Chipset,real name John Chisenga is a young Zambian gospel artist. Born in Ndola northern Zambia Copperbelt province. He is the 7th born in the family of nine. He attended His primary school at Chawama primary school and Secondary school at Chifubu secondary school. Chipset started singing at a very young age, following after His elder sister Beatrice Chisenga,who saw great potential in Him and would later go with him wherever she was invited to minister. Chipset has since not released any album to his name. However He has over the years released a couple of singles, with the first one called Impalume which simply means …………… In 2019 He released another single titled umutima,which means Heart. The song basically talks about giving our hearts to God fully in humble submission to his worhsip. Twikatane is His current single released in 2020, the song was inspired by the many disheartening things happening in our country. The song talks about oneness and embracing the spirit of Ubuntu and the theme we have lived by for years as Zambians “One Zambia,One Nation”. “We only have one Zambia and there can never be another one, it is our duty collectively as a Nation to see to it that we maintain the peace,regardless of our tribe or political affiliation.” John Chipset hopes to touch many lives through His music and ministry.

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