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Brand new single from Lawrence Mwamba titled Ngu ‘Leza Muboto’ produced by Patrick kililma & Cedric from G sounds studio. A song that just expresses the goodness of GOD. Ngu Leza Mubotu is one of the songs from Lawrence’s new album which he has  been working on and  yet to be released. Be blessed.  

Tawasukwa cover art final x

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Cholera song Cover Art

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2. Click to download —> Nimwe muninda mp3 - Lawrence ft tilcom (736 downloads)

3.Click to download —> Its Killing me mp3 - Lawrence ft Mulenga Chishimba (530 downloads)

4.Click to download —> Naileta Remix mp3 - Lawrence ft (Serai peace preachers) &Peter shakes (607 downloads)

5.Click to download —> Naileta mp3 - Lawrence ft Peter shakes (7049 downloads)

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Lawrence Mwamba is a gospel music promoter as well as a gospel musician. He is the CEO of the LM Gospel Music Promoters Record label. A record label that owns the music website lmgospelmusic.com , he’s an Actor ,film director and producer, married to Keziah Sibong’le Hadebe and a Father of one .He is a diploma holder in Music education which he obtained from Evelyn hone Collage of Applied Arts and Commerce from 2010 to 2012 . He also runs KeLaw Media. A media company that shoots music videos and movies .besides performing arts, Lawrence is employed by the Ministry of General Education as a teacher of music and English. before his appointment by the government, he worked for Tick school as a music Teacher from 2013 to 2017. He also worked as a music lecturer at Tick College Of Education from 2015 to 2017. Examined and tested by the ECZ Examination Council of Zambia ,Lawrence is a Guitar major and violin minor, which makes him a suitable tutor for the two musical instruments.

Lawrence Started music in 2003 ,with a group called focus in his home town Zaf mumbwa,the group only managed to work on one album and later disbundled due to finacial challenges. This did not stop Lawrence from persuing his solo musical career. It was after he completed his secondary school level at Sanje high school in 2006 that he left for the Copper belt province of Zambia to experience a different a atmosphere of life. During his stay there ,he learnt music producing skills and later started working for a music studio called Mozi mix as a music producer. It was during this period from 2007 to 2009 that he also met Peter kaira a Gospel artist populary known as Peter Shakes Kaira Favoured . He also met two other gospel artists Luis Nilisa and Noel Sitizagona Noel Mwakilima .The 3 gospel artists lived under the same roof in there early musical days and traveled to different cities and churches ministering in music. During the same period Lawrence Mwamba worked on his first album titled siakulila ” which means stop crying. in 2014 he released his second album titled “Naileta” which means i bring myself. It features great hits like eko mwafuma, its killing me and nimwe muninda .Currently he’s working on his 3rd album which has songs like Tawasukwa which he is currently promoting. He has worked on 4 zambian films and he’s currently shooting a movie titled the The Naked Truth – Zambian film” written by Anthony Phiri


Get yourself a copy of Lawrence’s Naileta album in all leading stores including sounds or buy his songs online at lmgospelmusic.com. for your orders, call or whatsapp whatsapp_logo_6


Lawrence’s Naileta lyrics for all the songs

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Eko mwafuma official music video – Lawrence

It’s killing me official music video – Lawrence

Tawasukwa official music video

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